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About RealmSource, LLC

RealmSource is a software development company specializing in the creation of highly scalable massively multiplayer online gaming technology.

Our developers have decades of programming experience and bring unique skill sets from the enterprise business world into the gaming realm.

RealmSource specializes in developing n-tier systems and adapting business technology to gaming, virtual worlds, simulations and any situation where high performance and high throughput systems solutions are needed.

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Gnostaria Screenshot The success of fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role playing games has increased dramatically over the past two decades. From simple text-based MUD (multi user dimension) servers to 3D blockbusters like Everquest and World of Warcraft, the medieval online role playing experience is here to stay. With time an apparent formula for success has emerged which permeates nearly every MMORPG on the market. Players expect a certain baseline of functionality and with each new release; each new expansion pack or patch, more of the same is delivered. While this has proven fruitful over the past decade, even players of the most massively funded and developed games want more.

Gnostaria aims to provide a premium online role playing experience with a focus on social interactions and long term player commitment to the game world. While still having many common features that players expect from mainstream MMORPGs such as character advancement, medieval combat, scripted quests and opportunities to play with a group, Gnostaria will stand out with a focus on providing the type of interactions that players truly crave and which games of the MMO genre fail to deliver. The player becomes enveloped in a rich fantasy world that he can truly be a part of and affect change. Build a home, start a business, join the ranks of the city guard, set sail on the high seas or explore the depths of ancient ruins and catacombs; only imagination and ambition are the limits of which a player’s character will become in the world of Gnostaria and how he will contribute to its ongoing history.



Matthew Kronyak
Charles Malm
Thomas Chevre

Graphic Artists

Art Direction
Yaroslav Anufriev

Concept Art/UI design
Mikhail Savier

3D Modeling
Yuri Ekimov
Nadezhda Napolova
Igor Baranov

Anton Vasyanovich

Special Thanks

Unity Technologies

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